Saturday, December 2, 2017

St. Francis Xavier Church, Saint's bone relic, Bhatpal Canacona

 St. Francis Xavier Church,  Saint's bone relic, Bhatpal Canacona, South Goa

Today (2.12.17) I am taking you to Bhatpal. 
 The Church there has a finger bone relic of the Saint - Goencho Saib (SFX)
After the mass, yellow comfrad came in with candle procession and the children dressed as angels singing salves.
Ends with SFX hymn and the veneration of the Saint's relic
Bhatpal too celebrate Goencho Saib Fest on 3rd December every year (This year being 4th Dec).
From Panaji to Bhatpal, the distance I think is about 75 kms.
By public transport direct to Canacona  via Margao, Cuncolim (e.g. KSRTC) it will take about 110 minutes, fare being Rs.50.
From Canacona, there are local buses Rs.8 or take Motor-cycle Pilot Rs.60 or Rickshaw about  Rs. 100 - 120.
Bhatpal Church is on the main road NH17, and its about 5-6 Kms from Canacona Bus Stand

The Church

Video: 1
After Mass, salves, blessing etc

Video 2: (The Church etc)


Inside of the Church

SFX Statue, crucifix
Holy water tank

Mass, Priests, altar boys, girls etc
Angels, Salves


The Bone relic
Finger bone of St Francis Xavier


Yellow comfrad, op mus irmao

Our Lady of Fatima, SFX

NH17 Road infront

St Francis Xavier’s relic at Bhatpal attracts a multitude of devotees
Times of India, Nov. 25, 2017
The feast of St Francis Xavier is special to devotees from the Canacona taluka, as a piece of the saint's bone lies preserved in a small glass casket at the Bhatpal church in Canacona.

The St Francis Xavier Church, which was elevated from a chapel and dedicated to the saint in 1968, is all decked up for the novena, which commences on Saturday, and the feast on December 4.

The faithful from Canacona and Karwar in Karnataka will venerate the Spanish saint's relic from November 25 till 6pm on the feast day.

  "A piece of the bone of the saint's index finger was dispatched to Canacona by the then Bishop of Goa, Rev Francisco Xavier de Piedade Rebello," parish priest Fr Francisco Avito Almeida told TOI.

For a few months, the relic remained at St Theresa of Jesus church, Chaudi, Canacona, but when the chapel was elevated to a church, following a decree issued by Bishop Rebello in 1968, the relic was gifted to this church by Chauri parish priest, say the village elders.  

Prior to 1968, the chapel feast was celebrated in May, but later it was decided to celebrate the feast on December 3.  

On Friday, the blessing of the 'maddi' (banner) was followed by the Eucharist. The novena masses will be held daily at 8am and 4.45pm, Almeida said, while adding that the homilies at the novena masses will be delivered by various priests from the Canacona taluka churches.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

St. Francis Xavier Feast, Novena Old Goa 2017

This year 2017, the feast will be celebrated on 4th December and not the usual 3rd as during advent, no Feasts of Saints celebrated on Sundays.
In other words, no SFX feast on Sundays at Old Goa. If 3rd Dec falls on Sunday then it will be celebrated on Monday or even Saturday.
Feast day 4.12.17
With Bishop if Udupi Diocese and other

4 Bishops - Bishop of Udupi Gerald Lobo (Main Celebrant), Bishop of Sindhudurg Allwyn Baretto, Bishop of Port Blair Alex Dias and Bishop of Goa Filipe Neri Ferrao.

Also Rector of Bom Jesus Basilica Fr. Particio Fernandes, Vicar General Goa Fr. Jose Remedios Fernandes etc
Altar Boys, girls


Video 2
St. Francis Xavier Feast Old Goa
Boas Festas
Novena 29.11.17
Mass at 3.45pm

Video 1

Video 2
Festa Feri (Fair)

Se Cathedral, Church of St. Francis of Assisi

Feri, fair
Wax items body parts angovnn

Khajem, dos, Kadio bodio etc

Chonne grams attonne

Fest Cheurisam

Francis de Tuem - GST

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Narkasur 2017, Panaji Goa


Video 1
Narakasur from Panaji, St. Inez, Tonca, Mahalaxmi etc

Video 2
Narksur Competition at Mahalaxmi Temple

St. Inez area
Vatareshwar Sausthan, Altinho road
St. Inez. Club de St. Inez , Vatareshwar

Opp St. Inez Church area

St. Inez Road

Sewerage plant

Panaji near Manoshanti, Mahalaxmi Temple

Near Canara Bank, Kedar

Near Taj Vivanta, St. Inez Traffic lights

Near Herald, Campal


30th all Goa Narkasur competition
Moving Narkasur

Watching from the temple gallery

Stage with Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar

Making of Narkasur

Happy Diwali